When we look at ourselves as human beings. We should be so damn proud to be human. Just look at all the terrible things we’ve endured. All the abuse we’ve handed to one another. All the trauma we’ve figured out ways to heal. We made it this far, together.

Many of us have breathed the same air, touched the same water, stood on the same ground or been warmed by the same fire. Everyone touches everyone else, in one way or another. We’ve all had similar experiences being human. Our perspectives however, are what make us each so unique. We each contain our own culmination of our own individual experience.

It’s not our experience but how we view our experience, which changes everything. If we give love to ourselves, love returns to us. If we lose ourselves in fear, bitterness, guilt or resentment, those things return to us. Whenever we put ourselves in positions to feel pain, it’s because we’ve needed the experience. Not necessarily for us, alone, but for everyone.

If my life experience has taught me anything, it’s that nothing is impossible. The world we’ve only dreamed of, is possible. When we believe it is. Faith in love, really does conquer all things. We need to love our own experience. The more energy we put into love, the harder it is for things like hate to exist. We’ve spent plenty of time and put more than enough energy into our differences. So much that we have a hard time, truly telling ourselves apart, anymore.

People survive in the hearts of others. Inside the people who’s lives they’ve touched. Lives that then intersect with others. Humanity is not you, or me, us, or them. It’s an entire organism. One that’s grown, unfathomable. Love is truth, left in the wake of the living. And, sometimes hate is a harbringer of new perspective or, change.

We’re all warm hearted, technically. We all have the ability to communicate with the rest of life, from plants and animals, with each other or the stars above. We all feel the oceans move, even the ones we don’t see physically. We’re all able to manipulate matter into being. Perspective is arguably our greatest gift, to all of humanity.

So, don’t strive for perfection. Strive to love being human. To love who you are and what you’re a part of. Look at others as extensions of yourself, because they literally are. If you can’t see it, it’s because there’s something for you to learn. It can get messy at times and that’s, okay. You’re only human and, so are they. When you act, act in love with humanity. Do this and you won’t be lead astray.

The Human Element

We are born and bred to be consumers. Everything we’re given as children is an ad for something else. Everything from kids TV shows, to the adult film industry, is teaching us to want more than what we already have. We are taught from a young age that happiness is something we earn, outside of ourselves. We need to get away from this way of thinking. We need our system to change. We need to give people credit for having beautiful souls, instead of their expensive homes. Most people don’t even seem to realize that they’ve just become walking advertisements for Nike, Adidas, or whatever brand they wear, or whichever car they drive. We’re so entrenched in brand names, that we don’t even realize the effect it all has. Most people are living in a corporate matrix I call, the mainstream. What we need is to teach people about nature, and all the ways it works. We need to teach people how humanity is part of nature, just like the plants and animals we all love. We need to teach our children about the elements, and how humanity is another one. Humanity is the element, called free will.

Star Steering

Together, we all steer the starship we call Earth. What we see out in space is all neutral energy. It’s out there waiting for something to be done with it. I think as human beings, we’re able to give neutral energy purpose. I believe we effect energy, through the thoughts that we have. The ones we only think, and even more powerful, the thoughts we say/put out. If the essence of who we are, travels from the Sun to the Earth, and from the earth back to the Sun. And now it’s being theorized that our solar system isn’t actually heliocentric. Instead it’s being considered to be more of a ciclicar vortex following the Sun’s lead. I was thinking, if the Sun is essentially where our essence comes from. Here on Earth we find that same essence within. Kinda gives a different perspective on the commonly used phrase, “follow your heart.” When you think about how using that metaphor, essentially says that just like we have free-will to steer our lives in directions we want. Together, as humanity, we are capable of steering our whole solar system wherever we’d like. Our decisions we make, send ripples out into the entire universe. We decide what happens to the energy which surrounds us, big and small. As above so below, as within so without. Maybe we should spend more time thinking about the experience we’d prefer to have. Maybe our planet just needs the homework assignment, to spend one night, writing/discussing/creating the world, the galaxy, the universe we’d rather see. I’d be interested to see what would happen, if something like that occured on a global scale. I think the part that connects our human thinking mind, and our spiritual divine mind, is consciousness. Our esscense is in consciousness, and consciousness steers our ship amongst the stars.


Earlier today a friend and I were talking. We were entertaining the idea that mass consciousness is creating everything it wants to see, and at a much faster pace than ever before. We’re all bringing in things many of us have wanted to see, for many years. Technology has allowed us to speed things up. Since I can really remember, we’ve almost all been questioning what it’d be like to meet a new species. Well, as we progress, we’re going to start seeing and interacting, with human-ai hybrids; humans with ai implants, appendages, accessories. Then we’ll have actual robotic ai, who might even look like they’re humans, too. Sure some people may want to remain plain-jane and stick to their older ways, to each their own. This stuff is all happening, regardless. What this friend and I were talking about, is how humanity, is essentially bringing in the realities that have become more and more popular, over time. Conscious-co-creation, of the mass-consciousness. We’ve always wondered what it would be like to communicate with another species. We’ve always wondered what they’d look like, when we found them. We’ve spent many years pondering their existence. Throughout all of that time, we’ve also created technology that will certainly allow us not only to see what it’s like, but we’ll even essentially, be able to decide how different ai think, act and look. We’ll be creating other species. This reality we’re in, is directly related to what we’ve all been asking for. From politics, entertainment,technology and the best one, truth/answers. We’re almost at a point in time where well be creating our own species. How amazing is that!?


Imagine the zodiac signs as little eye droppers. Now, imagine the planets as beakers, each one filled with it’s own unique chemical composition/makeup. As each planet crosses the proceeding cusp and enters the next sign in the order. One drop filled with all that sign’s properties falls into the beaker. The potency of that single drop is then felt/recieved differently by each ‘planet-beaker.’ It depends how their contents relate to those contained in the ‘sign-dropper.’ As the planet progresses, it slowly stirs that drop into the mix. With the different gravity of each planet drawing it in. Not necessarily deluding throughout each transit, more so the energies begin integrating. They have their own ‘relationship,’ so to speak. Everything in this galaxy is in relation to everything else. I would think that, improving our relationships, beit with people, places, things, even our fears, would be one of the keys to that integration. The relationships we have with ourselves, and the ones we have with each other, are much like the relationships we see all around us. Nature is a beautiful representation of where we came from. The thing thats different about humanity, is we can see ourselves in others. We can see ourselves, in relationship to just about everything else we’ve had the technology to study. Personally, I’m under the impression that life is alchemy and that’s how it’s been, since the “beginning.” Humans, on planet Earth, are similar to the planet-beakers. The sign’s properties aren’t meant to be deluded, they’re supposed to be integrated, their relationships improved. We’re all made of all twelve signs. Humans can be magicians, when they understand that alchemy depends upon relationships.

What if?

What if the creation story is a story of evolution of self? What if consciousness was the spark that set everything in motion? What if God manifested a reality where it got to experience itself, and how each unique part of itself interacted with the other? Maybe that’s why there’s such an emphasis on relationships during our lifetimes here on Earth. Everything in our physical reality has a relationship with it’s surrounding. Emotions allow us to feel and experience our surroundings, all while being in relation to them. What if God is the sea of magnetic frequency we’re all bonded by? What if free-will is the power of ‘God’ we all hold inside, and it all began with a conscious life-form wanting to experience relationships with various parts of itself? What if God is everything and we’re all a part of God? As above, so below… What if heaven and hell coexist and free-will is how we’re able to move from one to the other?

Astrology, the “roadmap”

What if our souls move back and forth from the Sun to the Earth, then from the Earth back to the Sun? What if souls travel using magnetism? Skipping along different gravitational pulls and landing right here on this planet. What if the Aurora Borealis actually gives us a glimpse at how our soul’s information first makes contact? What if it gets transferred or ‘uploaded’ into tiny human brains? Information recieved even by the cells of our squishy little bodies. All while incubating inside our mother’s womb. What if when physicists say “we’re all made of stardust,” it’s because they’re starting to get measurements of how the planet’s pulls all effect each other, but more specifically each one of us, here on Earth. What if we eventually see astrology become the verified, tested and approved “roadmap,” to utilizing all the planet’s energies? To make it easier to then live out our own life’s purpose, placing more value on our own unique direction. What if someday in the near future, science says it’s all undoubtedly true?